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How I Made my own DIY Fall Tiered Tray for $3

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I have been wanting a tiered tray for awhile now. When they first became popular, I thought I didn’t have room for one. Then I saw this one decorated for Christmas, and I started to want one. I realized I really could fit one on my table or on my hutch…. and it would be a great space saver, too!

I had a chance to go to the thrift store near me a couple of weeks ago… and guess what I found! No, not a tiered tray….. a 3 plate serving rack. Hmmm….. I wonder…. so for $3 I gave it a try, and this is what happened!

Tiered Tray, Before

3 tier plate server

These are my best plates, but you know that was not my plan. I do like that I can use it for this if I want to, though! There were plate racks similar to this at my wedding reception…. which reminds me that I should keep an eye out to find one just like those one day.

plate rack with 3 plates on it

I didn’t want to purchase anything else to make this plate rack turn into a tiered tray, so I started playing with my dishes and seeing which ones would fit.

It turned out that 2 of my pie plates, and one of my round cake pans would do the job!

plate rack with pie plates in it

To disguise the fact that the metal cake pan didn’t match the rest, I added a doily. Then I got out my fall decor boxes and started seeing what I had that was small enough and would fit between the tiers.

I like shaped candles, and it so happens that I have an apple pie candle and a pumpkin pie candle. I also have a purple maple leaf candle, and a maple leaf soap from Paula at Virginia Sweet Pea.

Tiered Tray, AFTER!

tiered tray

The 3 small leaf shaped candles were a yard sale find. I painted the leaf cut out box years ago, and I think the wooden pumpkin was from the Dollar Tree last year. The felt leaves are also from the dollar store.

fall tiered tray

I love that I could decorate this Fall Tiered Tray with things I already had! For $3, I am tickled to death! (If you saw my Instagram post sharing this area, you know what the rest of my kitchen looked like at the time….)

pie candles in a fall tiered tray

I plan to show you the rest of my hutch decorated for fall in another post.

tiered tray decorated for fall

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  1. What a great idea. I love how you decorated your $3 find, and can’t wait to see how you change it up for future holidays and seasons. Very clever!

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