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Celebrate Fall Now with a Sentimental Cattail Wreath

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Do you like crafting with things from nature that are free, things like cattails maybe? I sure do!

What sort of things make you think of Fall? I am sure pumpkins, leaves, dried hydrangea blooms, maybe even tree branches are some of the things that symbolize fall. Are Cattails one of them? They are for me!

I had gathered these cattails a year ago from near the house where I grew up. They dried out while I decided what to do with them, and found the time!

Cattail wreath on front door

I started with a straw wreath that was gifted to me with different decoration on it. I took those off so that I could remake the wreath– very typical of me, isn’t it!

round straw wreath

I wrapped sheer shiny green ribbon around most of the straw wreath form. I did make a video, and I have shared it at the end of this post, that shows most of the wreath making process. Sometimes I think that pictures don’t show the time involved to create something.

green ribbon on wreath

As I craft things these days, I am reminded that God was the first Crafter, the first Maker and Creator. I am making things out of the materials He made in the first place!

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.

Psalm 95:6

As you know, I love crafting with free things. The cattails were free, the faux greenery was free to me, and the straw wreath form was free!!! Wow! All I purchased was the ribbon and greening pins, and they were not very expensive at all. Perfect!

cattails, greenery, scissors, ribbon

Supplies needed for Cattail Wreath:

To make this Cattail Wreath you will need:

  • cattails
  • faux greenery
  • greening pins
  • straw wreath form
  • scissors
  • ribbon
Find Your Supplies Below!

cattails with greenery

Gather the greenery and cattails together and tie with with jute string.

cattails and greenery

I attached the ribbon to the straw wreath with the greening pins. Pinch the pins a little as you are pressing them in. That helps them hold very securely, because as they naturally want to “un-pinch”, they will stay put.

back of greening pins package

Then I used the greening pins to secure the cattail/ faux greenery bunch. It didn’t take very many pins. The cattails were very heavy, and I was actually surprised how well the greening pins held them in place, since I’ve never used them before now!

closeup of greening pins holding cattails to wreath

Next, I made the bow. You don’t need to have a bowdabra to make the bow, but it is very convenient and easy to use. You can see how I did it in my video.

Bowdabra supplies
green and neutral ribbon

Of course, I used the bow to hide the greening pins!

The wreath wanted to lean to the side because of the weight of the cattails. It did stay in place, though, and I’m surprised that it hasn’t fallen since we use the door all of the time. One of the cattails did bust open, probably because of the heat. I just removed it and the wreath has been just fine since!

closeup of side of cattail wreath

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I made this Cattail Wreath! Do you like making new wreaths for each season?

Cattail Wreath on Front Door

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