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Kitchen Organizer

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I decided to try out this wall kitchen organizer. I like having my aluminum foil easily accessible. Well– this organizer has room for TWO rolls of either plastic wrap, wax paper, or foil, AND paper towels AND spices!! I think that is a great use of space!

wall kitchen organizer

I like keeping my foil easily accessible right on the wall above my counter. I used a mini curtain rod, but it wasn’t working that great.

So I ordered an organizer from Amazon to replace it.

The organizer has room for 3 rolls! Plastic, Foil, and paper towels! And it even has a shelf for spices!

I held it to the wall and marked the holes with a pencil.

Be sure to mark them at the top of the hole where the organizer will be when it rests on the screws.

I inserted the anchors that came with it.

I held up the organizer and screwed the screws into the anchors.

My foil roll was too thick. I had a hard time deciding whether it should roll “under” or “over.” I finally decided it should be “over.”

This NOT the place where the foil should come out. It should actually go in the slit above.

See? This is the right way. I put a finger towel instead of paper towels because my paper towels are in a different place.

I’m not used to the cutters yet. I am happy with this purchase though, and I think next time I might try a higher end one for better quality.

What is your favorite organizer in your kitchen?

Besides this wall organizer, I think a shelf like this would be great for cookbooks.

kitchen organizer for the wall step by step pictures
kitchen organizer installation step by step

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