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23 Ideas to Get you in the Fall Mood

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Read on for 23 Ideas to get you in the Fall Mood! It’s right around the corner… we have even had a couple of cool days. If it is not cool yet where you live, here are some projects, crafts, decor, and recipes to help you set the tone for more autumn-like days ahead.

Fall Craft Ideas

*Fall Pine Cone Tree

fall pine cone tree

If the Fall Pine Cone Tree is not your cup of tea, then maybe this Thankful Sign is!

*Thankful Sign

Thankful Sign on a dining table setting

*Confetti Tree

Have some branches? You can probably create some sort of tree with them….

fall tree made from branches and confetti leaves

*Knitted Scarf

With thoughts of fall weather come sweaters and scarves. These knitted scarves work up pretty quickly. Last year I gave away 3 of them. Guess what?! I found another color of this same type of yarn, and in a month I’m planning to do another Scarf Giveaway!

3 scarves- brown, pink, and gray with silver

*Pumpkin Spice Latte Printables

If you have a printer (or a friend with a printer), you can make these cute Pumpkin Spice Latte Weather printables for free! Change the size to make mini laminated ones like the picture below, or print a larger size and frame it.

It's Pumpkin Spice Latte Weather printables

Decorate your Kitchen for Fall

I started decorating my kitchen for different seasons when I had too many decorations for just my living room…. I found that I enjoyed bringing the seasonal decorations into the kitchen. Here are some of the creative ways that I did that.

*Decorate the Microwave

I have used paper plates, window clings, and bowl lids to decorate the front of my microwave!

thankful fall paper plate on microwave

*Decorate the Cabinets

Once again, Paper Plates are the star of the show. But not just any ordinary paper plates. Hobby Lobby has some of my favorite plates, but if you’re not able to shop there, then Etsy is another great place to look.

Thanksgiving paper plate and ribbon on a kitchen cupboard

*Don’t Forget the Stove!

When you’re not cooking or baking, use whatever you have on hand to deck the stove in fall attire. I thought outside the box and used my vintage Orange and Yellow Tupperware canisters to make my stove look festive.

In All Things Give Thanks kitchen towel with yellow and orange vintage Tupperware canisters

*Windows or Patio Doors

I enjoy putting something like these Window Clings on my Patio Doors sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving Window cling with blue sky background

*Table Ideas


I enjoy using a Fall themed tablecloth. You could use vinyl like I do if you have kids, or you can choose a more elegant fabric one. Even with fabric ones I still like to cover it with a clear vinyl tablecloth in case there is a spill.

fall leaf tablecloth

Fall Bouquets

Sunflowers are such a cheerful transition from summer to fall. They really do ease the transition from warm days to chilly days! I used a vintage Tupperware canister for this gorgeous sunflower arrangement.

sunflower bouquet in vintage tupperware

Festive Fall Food

*Pecan Cheesecake Pie

It’s never too early to start collecting recipes. Then you can plan what you want to make, and when. And then figure out which ingredients you still need to purchase. This Pecan Cheesecake Pie is one of my all time favorite desserts!!

pecan cheesecake pie with slice taken out

*Pecan Pie

If you don’t care for cheesecake, then this plain Pecan Pie might be what you’re looking for.

Pecan Pie

*Easy Snacking

This post on Fall Hospitality has loads of ideas for easy fall snacks to get out at a moment’s notice. Maple and Pumpkin Spice– just the thought of those two fabulous fall flavors might get you in the mood for Fall!

Maple cookies with amber cookie jar and Give Thanks napkin

*Orange Salad

While Orange Salad is not specifically a fall dessert, it has the right color! I enjoyed bringing it to a Ladies Luncheon held in the Fall one year.

Orange Salad with wooden pumpkin in the background

Decorate your Living Space for Fall

*Fall Vignette

If you don’t have many fall decorations, just start with a small vignette. This one includes two signs, a small potted plant, and a little berry wreath.

Thankful sign, plant on a wall shelf, cross on peg

*Mini Bouquet

I cut some mums off of my outdoor plants to put in this miniature vase that I got at a yard sale for a quarter. It doesn’t take much to brighten up a space with warm fall colors.

orange mums in a miniature vase

*Add a Pillow

When I saw this gorgeous velvet pillow, I loved it. I didn’t quite love the dusty orange color at first, but it grew on me. I excused the price tag because “Be Thankful” would be a good reminder to my kids to be more grateful. Pillows really do help set the mood for the room– especially if they have sayings on them!

be thankful orange pillow

*Bring the Outdoors Indoors

There are two different types of small pine cones in this little collection. The maple leaf is soap that I won in a giveaway from Virginia Sweet Pea a couple years ago.

miniature pine cone vignette

Outdoor Inspiration


Speaking of bringing the outdoors indoors, how about doing something fall like outside? One year I placed mums into hollowed out pumpkins to dress up my brick steps. Since I don’t have a porch, I was aching to do something and this turned out to be just the right touch.

mum in a pumpkin


For your front door you could think about creating a fall wreath, or maybe a ribbon hanging with the word FALL on it as pictured below.


I highly recommend that you walk around outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons. Notice the plants and flowers in their last glorious blooms before colder weather makes them die back. Take a deep breath and smell the air. Can you smell autumn coming?

fall landscaping-- climbing sweet potato vine, blooming pineapple sage
climbing sweet potato vine, blooming pineapple sage, one lone rose

While you are noticing the plants– don’t forget to watch for the little creatures, too! I loved seeing this praying mantis on my mums last year!

praying mantis on purple mums

As you enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the turning season I hope that these ideas have helped to get you in the Fall Mood, and perhaps inspired you to try a project along the way!

be thankful pillow and pecan cheesecake pie -- 23 ideas for fall

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  1. Liberty,
    All great ideas!! I especially love the paper plates on the microwave and on the cabinets!! I a itching to decorate for fall but I usually wait until after Labor Day…However, since Labor Day is so late this year, I think I will at least decorate the kitchen this coming week…..Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, happy and healthy!!

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