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Yellow Rose Pine Cone Tree

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Last year I made a romantic rose petal garland for my pine cone tree. I am pleased to show you this new version using whole miniature yellow roses. This tree is number 19.

yellow roses dried on a mini pine cone tree

I have a goal to decorate my DIY Pine Cone Tree 100 different ways.

I have a lovely miniature yellow rose bush by my front door. It was still blooming in November so I clipped the last of the blooms to add to

the others that I had already collected. (I think that after awhile the dried flowers started fade so I probably won’t keep them here in the future.)

Miniature rosebuds tucked between pine cones look just right for each other!

For a topper, I used more roses and some dried baby’s breath.

AFTER! So simple, yet so pretty and dare I say, rustic?

yellow rose pine cone tree
step by step dried roses on a pine cone tree
dried roses on a miniature pine cone tree step by step

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