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Toilet Paper Tree

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Thank you for Sharing!

Today another group of crafters have joined together with a group of crafts to show you! Thank you to Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate for inviting me to join this Blog Hop. If you are here from Calypso in the Country, then welcome! I encourage you to visit all of the bloggers that are linked at the end of this post.

Craft Blog Hop graphic

When I last posted about my newest pine cone tree decorations, I asked if anyone had any suggestions for me. Sure enough, Amy from Ms Goody Too Shoes had an idea. She said I should create one using toilet paper! That has become quite the symbol here in the USA of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic stuff that has put the world on pause. So I decided to join the ranks of those creating other toilet paper themed things like cakes and jewelry.

While I do understand the seriousness of the situation (and I hope you have enough of the essentials), it is also true that Laughter is the Best Medicine. One of the funniest memes that I’ve seen the past two months is the one that said, “Back in my day toilet paper was so plenteous that we used to hang it from the trees of our enemies!”

Everyone, Meet my Toilet Paper Tree!

The Garland

This tree began with some Dollar Tree Tube Confetti. When I saw it several months ago, I thought that it looked like seed beads. Just think! All of these “beads” for one dollar!

tube confetti

Here is a closeup. Being made of metallic foil, this confetti is not very strong. Some of theme are not complete tubes, and so they don’t stay on the string. But it was worth the price.

closeup of tube confetti

I would poke a bunch of them onto the needle, and then push them along on my string. I used doily thread for my string.

putting tube confetti on a needle

I made garlands with all three colors, but only used two colors on my tree.

putting pewter confetti on a needle

Mini TP

Next, I made faux miniature toilet paper rolls. I used my Cricut Maker to cut the felt for my toilet paper, but you don’t have to have one. You can just cut out the felt with scissors.

felt, brown paper, and a marker

I made three different designs– plain straight, torn off, and hotel triangle. Which one is your favorite? My family liked the torn off ones.

I used my silver Cricut marker to put dotted lines for the toilet paper squares.

strips of white felt for toilet paper

I folded the brown packing paper pieces in half and rolled them around a straw. Then I rolled the white felt over the miniature tube I had just made. To keep it from unrolling I attached a little hot glue.

miniature rolls of toilet paper

Whoever would have thought that miniature toilet paper rolls would look so cute?!

mini tp with a marker for perspective

In order to hang the miniature rolls on the tree, I strung them on the pewter garland first.

garland of miniature toilet paper rolls
side view of tp garland

The Topper

Now you know I had to make a topper for this fantastic mini toilet paper tree!

I used a brown cardboard tube from a roll of deco mesh, and some crepe paper.

white crepe streamer paper

I did not roll up all the paper. I pushed a middle section out of the streamer paper. Then I pushed the center out of that, enough to make room for the cardboard tube. I decided not to add an lines for squares on this one.

medium faux toilet paper roll

So the topper is still a mini roll of “toilet paper,” but it is larger than the very tiny ones.

toilet paper tree topper

Before adding the topper, I used real toilet paper as streamers going down the sides of the tree. Here is a closeup– on the left you can see the print pattern. (Only 4 squares of real toilet paper were sacrificed for this craft.)

miniature felt toilet paper
miniature toilet paper felt


Toilet Paper Tree

Here is the tree pictured beside a real roll of toilet paper for perspective.

toilet paper tree with real toilet paper perspective

I hope that seeing my Toilet Paper Tree today has made you smile. Don’t you wish that Toilet Paper did grow on trees? : )

toilet paper tree graphic

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You can see all of the other Pine Cone Tree versions in the collage below.

toilet paper craft tree

Thank you for Sharing!

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  1. That’s a versatile tree to decorate. The toilet paper tree sure is a sign of the times. We fortunately didn’t need to stock up during the hoarding spree. – Margy

  2. Liberty, you definitely have the most unique craft of the hop! I just love your mini toilet paper garland. It’s both cute and funny. You could make these into ornaments to remember the year 2020. I still don’t understand why people were hoarding toilet paper, but it’s made for a lot of good jokes. Thanks for making me smile! It was fun hopping with you, too.

  3. Your pine cone trees are so cute and how fun is your little toilet paper tree. Toilet paper really has become the symbol of this pandemic, and you have made it fun with this creative craft! Thanks for joining in the hop!

  4. Hands down Liberty — your craft project is the most unique and humorous of the entire 26 blog hop bunch! Thanks for bringing a smile and generating a giggle.

  5. How fun! Who would have thought that toilet paper would become a commodity?! I love the tiny rolls you created! Happy to be joining you for this creative hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. Liberty, this was funny. I have made those exact trees and bring them out for Christmas. I can’t believe that it never occurred to me to decorate them. That’s for bringing a little cheer to my day.

  7. Now this IS funny and it’s my favourite pine cone tree of the collection. Makes me think back to our wedding when our guests covered our VW in toilet paper. It sure does makes you see traditions such as that in a new light, doesn’t it?!

  8. How fun is this?? I love it Liberty. It’s neat how you made the little tissue roll. Happy Crafting!

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