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Updating my Coffee Station

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I updated my coffee station area with a new counter liner and seasonal fall decor! Also included below is a handy coffee maker tip!
coffee station area decorated with pumpkin theme

It’s that time of year again, when you start wanting a hot cup of something to hold while you wear your sweater…. I enjoy the changing of the seasons; I guess it is because I like variety. What about you?

I created a Coffee Station area, but it also holds my tea and hot cocoa makings. I guess maybe I should call it my Hot Water Station!!

At my Coffee Station area, I had covered the butcher block countertop with contact paper. I had wanted to protect the wood from all the use it would endure. I’m very glad I did that. I enjoyed the pretty pattern of the contact paper for 6 years!

Before Update

Coffee Station area with coffee maker, mugs, and coffee

(In fact, I liked that Contact Paper so much that I used it in several places!)

five places contact paper is used in the kitchen by B4andAfters.com

But it had worn a little after six years, and it clashed with some of my seasonal decor. It was finally time to replace it.

When I pulled off the old contact paper, guess what. The adhesive remained on the countertop. Ugh. I spent half an hour or more with some Goo Gone and a rag, rubbing and scrubbing it all off.

Goo Gone bottle with hand holding adhesive crumbs

Even though I was just going to put more contact paper on again, I knew it would be twice as hard or worse to get the adhesive off if I ever wanted to let the wood show.

It is a good thing contact paper is removable, because it took me several tries to get it lined up straight along the front bottom edge of the counter top. I used EasyLiner by Duck brands. (#affiliate link) #easyliner @theDuckbrand

Duck brand shelf liner

The white makes a big difference!!

white contact paper on countertop

I’m so glad I finally replaced my old contact paper, even though I enjoyed it so much!

Use the slider below to drag and see the Before and After pictures!

Coffee Station area with coffee maker, mugs, and coffeewhite countertop

After Update!!

white countertop

If I still had the old patterned contact paper, my new Felt Pumpkin Kitchen Decor would have clashed and looked terrible!

Updated Kitchen Coffee Station with white countertop

Coffee Maker Tip

I need to show you this little “handy caddy” that my coffee maker is sitting on. I don’t even remember where I found mine, I have had it so long!

shelf caddy

Look! It can slide out! So if you have a deep countertop and want to bring the coffee maker closer so you can reach it better, this Handy Caddy makes it so easy!!

caddy extended out

Of course, as a bonus it also protects my contact paper from any damage due to the use of the coffee maker, which I’m so glad about!

black keurig coffee maker

You may remember this gorgeous Onyx bowl from last year. This year I decided it was perfect for holding my k cups. Do you know how hard it is to find flavored decaffeinated k cups? I can never find any in the stores. I finally ordered several different kinds online and this one is my favorite.

k cups in an onyx bowl

This cute kitchen towel was something I found last year and this is my first time using it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Towel

So what is your favorite “sweater weather” hot drink? Have you ever tried a pumpkin spice hot cocoa? I recently splurged on some and I loved it!!

white countertop

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I updated my Coffee Station area : ).

Thank you for Sharing!

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