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Why Did You Start Your Blog?

I enjoy making things for people.  I also enjoy having people over to my house and showing them my latest project.  With this blog, I can have you over virtually to show you my latest project!  Besides show and tell, I also want to inspire others with my creative ideas so you can use them in your own homes.

Where Do You Live?

I currently live in the suburbs in south central Pennsylvania, north of Baltimore, Maryland.

What Is Your Favorite Craft to do?

My favorite used to be crocheting. But then I had kids.  And a house.  So my craftiness turned towards painting my house, and making my house a home.  The long answer is…. Any craft that makes my house more homey.

What are your Favorite Craft brands?

I really enjoy my Cricut Maker.  It can do so many things!! I also love my Xyron Creative Station (sticker maker).

What is Your Favorite Home Improvement project that you’ve done?

My Basement Stairs are definitely one of my favorites.  The light I put in our master closet is another favorite.  It’s really hard to choose….  I’m very happy with how our Basement Bathroom turned out, and our Kitchen, too.  A lot of love and hard work has gone into every room in our house!  (And I love this easy project I did for our upstairs bathroom vanity!)  

What are your favorite Tools?

I use our DeWalt cordless drill for many, many projects, like this one.  For years I used an older, heavier version.  The new ones are so lightweight!

What is your favorite Social Media?

I LOVE Pinterest for finding and sharing ideas.  I love that I can pin something I find on the internet, and then go back later and find it again when I need it.

What is your favorite Craft Store?

While I love finding things at yard sales and thrift stores, if I need something at a craft store then I can go to Michaels (#affiliatelink). I enjoy looking for after Christmas sales clearance there. They have a huge selection of everything!

For more information about me, my family, and what I like to do, look at my About page.

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