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Update on Downstairs Bathroom (with Video)

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Our downstairs bathroom has been finished for over a year, now; and I thought I would give you an update on it.   It is our second bathroom.  After a year of no one using it much– I moved most of my things into it so now it is mine!   It is usually nice and quiet there without kids wanting in, since they prefer to use the upstairs bathroom.   It is worth the inconvenience of walking down the stairs to have the peace and quiet!

(If you would rather watch a quick 1 minute video update, Click Here.)

It looks much the same.  I did add some storage between the sink and the toilet when I moved my things into the downstairs bathroom.  I looked and looked for a cute shelf to go into the small space, and ended up using two sets of plastic sterlite bins that I already had.  I’m glad I did, because the moisture in the bathroom would probably ruin a cute shelf anyway.  What I needed was a place to sit my brush and comb, so the extra storage is a bonus.

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I put some small plants on top of the cabinet. The one on the left is an ice plant, and the one on the right is a spider plant. The spider plant pot is propping up the ice plant. I’m not sure if they get enough light — I may put different plants up there sometime.

The wall adjacent to the toilet looks exactly the same.

I did get a $3 shower curtain at a yard sale that looks good with the bathroom’s paint and wallpaper colors.  You can find similar ones on Amazon HERE and HERE.

I put dryer sheets in the vent holes in the cat litter box (you can just see the top of it on the floor below), so odor has not been a problem.

Moving to the right of the built in shelves, I moved a shelf into the bathroom under the clock to hold dog treats and supplies.  That has worked well. The cat dishes are on the bottom.

I really like the clock that I found that coordinates with the bathroom’s colors.  I plan to dress it up a bit like I did my other clock.

I still need to paint the ceiling beadboard tiles.  Maybe I could not do it?? ever??  They are only primed, the way it comes from the home improvement store.

Continuing to move to the right, my curtain for the closet under the basement stairs has worked well.

I bought an over the door hook rack.  It also holds my hand towel.

The children’s hand towel hangs on the doorknob.  I hope that it helps them remember to use it before they leave the bathroom!

And then we have come full circle and are back to the sink.

Here is a short video of the Downstairs Bathroom  that I originally posted on Instagram:


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