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Updating my Kitchen

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Okay, this is the final post in my little mini series about updating my Kitchen. This final stage of my kitchen makeover sort of started when I bought the fabric for these chairs from Hobby Lobby.

kitchen chair slipcovered with uncovered cracked vinyl showing also

But before I could get the slipcovers sewn, I actually installed a new sink and faucet, first!

pull down kitchen faucet with pink flowers in a vase beside it

One project led to another project…. (you might know how that goes….), and I decided to finish some other small projects that needed completed in my kitchen. I fixed the wall after moving my spice racks. I finally painted the Most Neglected Place in my Kitchen.

So before I give you the grand tour of my Completely Finished Kitchen Makeover…. I want to go back and show you a Waaayyy back before picture. This is back before I painted the cabinets or added cabinets, or anything. Ready?

Kitchen, Before

kitchen wall facing stove, with cabinets and red wall

Six years later, the same wall looks very different!!

Kitchen, AFTER!

kitchen showing microwave and oven wall

Now let’s turn to the right, and face the sink wall. Ready for the Before picture? Rewind about six years…

Kitchen, Before

kitchen wall facing sink, with cupboards and fridge

Move the refrigerator, take out the cabinets above the sink, move the cabinets to the ceiling, replace the flooring, paint everything, add accent tile, and …..

Kitchen, AFTER!

kitchen showing sink wall with table

Now that you’ve seen the table, allow me to give you some more details about it. I was glad to have just enough fabric leftover from making the chair slipcovers to make a shortened runner for the center of the table.

gray and white flowered table runner

I sewed a very wide hem on it to give it elegance.

closeup of wide hem on table runner

These are my Pfaltzgraff Heirloom plates and matching placemats. The plates are heavy and I like to use them at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I’ve collected matching serving pieces and a few other things.

plate and placemat

I’m usually so busy with other projects that I don’t take much time to set a nice looking table. So to have coordinating slipcovers, table linens, and plates are a big deal!! Because it’s the first time my table has ever looked all put together like this!

slip covered chair at table setting with coordinating plate

It does a lot for the looks of the entire kitchen, and maybe I will have to pay more attention to my table settings in the future. I do enjoy seeing other people’s pretty table settings!

Pfaltzgraff heirloom table setting for four

Since my children are still under age 10, I put a clear plastic cover over both the runner and the fabric tablecloth.

(Okay, the runner is fabric and the tablecloth is fabric, but just between you and me, that tablecloth was an Ikea curtain in its former life!  Annnd that just gave me an idea to do a post for you showing all of the ways I have reused those curtains... Would you like that?)
horizontal view of kitchen sink and desk corner

Here is one last AFTER picture for you, showing as much of the kitchen as I can all in one shot. The doorway to the living room, and the fridge are out of the frame to the right, and the patio doors are to the left.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how much my kitchen has changed over the years! I would encourage you that if you want to make changes to your kitchen, then start small like I did, one light switch cover at a time.

kitchen with gray cabinets

Kitchen Update Ideas…

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  1. Wow! It looks great, Liberty! This gives me hope for my own house. We’ve only been in our new house for a year, and sometimes the amount of work that I want to do is overwhelming. It’s awesome to see how much can change over the course of 6 years. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Amy. Yes, it would have been very overwhelming at the beginning if I had known what all I would end up doing. Thankfully, I didn’t know! : )

  2. You did a great job, Liberty. I really like the open shelves over the sink – it brightens everything up. I know exactly what you mean about one thing leading to another when you start a project. I really would love to replace the backsplash in my kitchen, but then I know that would lead to replacing the counters…..and then refinishing the cabinet doors, and then getting a new table and chairs…..I think I’ll just wait!

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