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Organize With Curtains

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mess of boxes and storage in basement

Sometimes the best way to organize something is to… hide it.   Well, that is what organizing’s purpose is, ultimately, right?  In my basement I had no walls, no closets, nothing.  And I was tired of looking at it all.

I was putting my Christmas decorations under the stairs where the closet would eventually be, but it was awful to look at. So I did what I could–I bought some curtains at Ikea and ta-da!  I used Ikea’s wire and hook system to hang my curtains.

 I actually added them around the rest of the basement, too, where I thought I might like walls (around my laundry room, for instance).  But it is hard to get pictures of all of it…. Putting up the curtains did help me visualize where rooms and walls should or would eventually be built!


curtains hiding messy basement

Much better, don’t you think?

Our Basement has come a long way since I first used these curtains. Click on the Links below for more details!

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