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Accent Tile and Patching the Wall

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I decided to extend the accent tile along the wall above my kitchen counters.


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That was the wall behind my counter before I had applied any accent tile stickers.  I wasn’t planning to do a backsplash, but someone gave me their leftover tile stickers.  There were just enough to put up on the section behind my sink.  I had utensil holders and a shelf there at the time, so that hid the fact that it wasn’t running all along the wall.

I thought that for free, it was a pretty nice improvement!

Everyone that came over didn’t know they were just stickers until I told them.


Then I decided that I wanted to remove that shelf off of the counter to the right.  I’m going to look for shelves to attach to the wall instead.  And after I moved the shelf, I realized that I needed to repair the holes in the wall that were left when we moved the cabinets to the ceiling.

Holes Before

First I sanded the wall with my little sanding block.  I had some lite spackling paste* that I applied with an extra large craft stick.  It worked better than the blue spatula thing this time.  The spackling paste is very easy to use.  I let it dry, then applied some more, let it dry, and then sanded the wall again.


Like I said, I had used someone else’s leftover stickers for behind the sink, and I had left it that way for a long time. Now I was ready to extend it along the countertop.  But I don’t recommend doing it that way– you can tell there is a seam where I added on. And I don’t think I got the same lot for color and pattern matching. Oh well. It’s close enough and good enough until I decide to do something altogether different in a few years!


I repainted the wall after sanding, and now you can’t tell that the holes were ever there.  I also applied the peel and stick tile stickers according to the directions and extended it until my countertop ends.



But there was one more thing bothering me…. that lightswitch/outlet cover….  You’ll find how I fixed that here.




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