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How long has it been since you heard that word, “Penpal”? I just realized something. I loved having penpals when I was a kid, you know, 40 million years ago. Did you? Do you?

I realized something else. Having this blog is my way of being penpals with you! Except it’s better, because I can share a gazillion pictures of my projects with you, too!

I still like sending handwritten letters. I just don’t do it as often as I used to (is it because of all this blogging I do?!). What about you? Do you like writing handwritten letters?

pumpkin frozen yogurt in ice cream maker

If you were my penpal, I would want to tell you what I got for Christmas, so I think I will tell you.

Here’s what several people got together and gave me for Christmas……… I got an ice cream maker! My daughter loves to eat ice cream nearly every day. I know that’s terrible. I really don’t prefer ice cream myself. I would rather have milk and cookies. (But I don’t know of a homemade cookie maker– if you do, please send it my way asap!!)

But anyway, when I buy ice cream I really prefer to avoid the kind that has corn syrup in it. Have you ever noticed that some kinds of ice cream don’t really melt? That’s because of all the corn syrup and other stuff in it. Since I prefer the kinds without corn syrup 1) it really limits the flavors. All the fancy flavors have corn syrup. And 2) it’s really expensive.

So I figured, if I had an ice cream maker, I could make “nutritious” ice cream, and in all of the flavors that I could imagine! I LOVE trying new recipes, and experimenting.

“Experiments are the best way to learn to DIY!”

I haven’t had a chance to make very many unique flavors just yet. My Ice Cream Maker did come with a recipe book, and so far my favorite recipe from that book is Mexican Chocolate. MMmmmmmMMM, it is good! Chocolate, Cinnamon, a pinch of Cayenne— it’s just perfect! And I have tried chocolate with crushed peppermint, chocolate malt, and a 3 ingredient pumpkin frozen yogurt (pictured above and below)! I sort of doubt I will ever try the recipe for Olive Oil Thyme Gelato…. but who knows….

I’m already keeping track of how many ice cream batches I make, so that if and when it ever stops working, I will know how much that ice cream cost me…. the more batches I make, the more economical! Except I guess I should figure in the ingredients too…. well….. let’s just hope it lasts a very long time!!

frozen yogurt in ice cream maker, pumpkin

I always closed my letters to my penpals like this:

Your friend,

Thank you for Sharing!

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  1. I had pen pals for years and loved it! I even had a pen pal from England come to visit, which was a lot of fun. I stopped pen palling, but I do miss the handwritten letters. It’s fun to get happy mail!

    My daughter got an ice cream maker for Christmas. It was a smaller one, not like yours. I really like the one you got!

  2. I remember PenPals from church camp up and thru my teen years. Yet, marriage and children have changed that. Although I don’t have an ice cream maker and because of the sugar content I don’t eat much of it anymore. I rent so not allowed to do much decorating unless I plan in putting this place back to its original status when I move out. But I am a crafter so I have a lot of my stuff hanging around. I wish you luck with your ice cream concoctions. Take care

  3. I love you “penpal” letters. They are so informative and personal. This one speaks to my heart as I love ice cream to but am a diabetic. As you can imagine that ice cream is both expensive and limited so I very seldom buy it. I have wanted an ice cream maker for years but they are so expensive also. Now your daughters day dream is true.

    1. Hi Peggy!
      I may have a less expensive option for you— have you seen those balls that make ice cream by throwing it back and forth? You could put this on your birthday list! You can find it here: https://amzn.to/2NrHiUk (affiliate link) I’m so glad to hear from you!

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