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Camper Shoe Storage

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Do you ever struggle with a camper shoe storage problem? Ever since we first got our pop-up camper, I used a plastic planter to corral all of our shoes. In the beginning that meant mostly a few adult pairs, since our kids were so little.


But now our kids are bigger and have more shoes, and we have a small new hardshell camper. A freestanding unit would fall over when the camper was traveling, so I began looking for two coordinating baskets that could

  • hold shoes
  • fit the space
  • and be attached in some way to the side of the counter just inside the doorway.

I found two baskets at the craft store that I thought would work. Although the farmhouse galvanized look is not my normal style, they were the right size, so I decided to try them. They were $25 each, which is expensive in my book. But I did have a 40% off coupon for one of them, so that helped.

My exact baskets are difficult to find anymore, but here are some that might work instead!

I had some book rings already on hand. That left the metal cup hooks which I purchased at my local home improvement store.


I hot glued a piece of felt to the back bottom of each of the baskets, so that they would not scrape the half wall where I was going to hang them.

My exact baskets are difficult to find anymore, but here are some that might work instead!

I screwed the cup hooks directly into the wall on the edge where the studs were.

I was glad that the cup hooks came in several finishes, so that there was a finish close enough to go with my galvanized baskets.

(For another great Shoe Storage idea, you might like this one from my friend Paula at Virginia Sweet Pea!)

drawer on wheels for under bed shoe storage

I used two of the book rings for each basket, opening them to attach them to the basket corners.

Then I hooked them onto the cup hooks.


My exact baskets are difficult to find anymore, but here are some that might work instead!

Here they are! I am very pleased with how my shoe basket storage turned out.


We have gone on several camping trips, and these baskets hold a lot of shoes. They can also hold socks, umbrellas, balls, doggy bags, and sidewalk chalk. I’m glad that the little hooks and book rings have withstood the weight of the shoes. One of the rings has come open a couple of times, but I just close it again. It is on the bottom outside corner and probably gets bumped a lot (which is to be expected with two kids and a dog).


Camper Shoe Storage https://www.b4andafters.com

My exact baskets are difficult to find anymore, but here are some that might work instead!

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* *Update: To see a quick tour of our camper, Click Here.

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  1. I’ve looked at this post several times trying to figure out something similar with items I already have instead of buying something.
    I’ve got a few file folder hangers that I am no longer using. I might gives those a go and if it doesn’t work then I will see if I can find similar baskets to what you used. Good idea.

  2. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to corral all the stray shoes that wind up all over the camper. Shoes are very hard to maneuver around in a tiny camper. Right now I have one of those cloth shoe holders hanging by a velcro mess hanging on the wall. It is not going to last too long I am sure. I love your idea and will pin for reference. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, they are– there’s not much floor space! I’m glad I had this bit of space just inside the door to hang my baskets. You’re welcome!

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