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Easy DIY Star Wreath

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I had a tinsel star garland wreath that had seen better days. It looked similar to this one:

But after using it for several seasons, the tinsel faded in the sun. I tried unwrapping the wreath and rewrapping it so that the unfaded garland was on the outside, but it didn’t work very well. I didn’t wrap it back just right, and some of the faded parts still faced forwards. It looked pretty sad….

Wreath, Before

door with blue star wreath

More Patriotic Ideas

Recently I had another idea. I unwrapped the tinsel garland part and set it aside. Then I started wrapping faux Christmas branches around the plastic wreath form. I LOVE repurposing old Christmas trees!!!

This post is part of the Creative Craft Blog Hop hosted by Celebrate and Decorate. If you are here from Decorate and More with Tip then Welcome! You can see the rest of the creative ideas at the end of this post!

creative craft blog hop graphic

Star Wreath, Before

red plastic 5 point star shaped wreath form with some greenery on one corner

If you have never taken an old Christmas tree apart before, here is a video of my daughter helping me take one apart:

The pieces of faux Christmas tree branches have flexible metal in them. Because of that, you can bend and twist the branches like bread twist ties. If you want, you can use hot glue to secure the branches, but I did not use any hot glue in this wreath.

greenery star shaped wreath with one corner exposed showing plastic wreath form

The fake greenery can be hard and rough on your hands. Be prepared to work slowly and carefully.

5 pointed star shaped wreath with faux greenery

Once I had all the greenery wrapped onto the star shape the way I liked it, I spray painted it all white.

5 point star shaped white wreath hanging on door with glass window

I had some sparkly blue flower miniature garland leftover from making a Patriotic Pine Cone Tree last year.

blue glitter flower mini garland

I took it apart and used the beautiful blue flowers for accents on my star wreath.

closeup of sparkly blue flower accents on star shaped wreath

I just love how this simple, beautiful, white star wreath turned out! It is very versatile because not only can I use it for Memorial Day or Independence Day, I can also use it at Christmas time!

Star Wreath, AFTER!

white star shaped wreath hanging on glass window door
white 5 point star wreath with blue accents

Since my name is Liberty, I just had to get this patriotic doormat with the Liberty Bell on it when I saw it at my local home improvement store.

foot doormat that has a picture of the Liberty Bell and the words "Please Knock The Bell is Broken"

A simple wreath and a simple doormat made my door area look so nice! Let me also tell you that having a half window in our front door lets in so much light, compared to the solid door that we replaced. I really enjoy that extra light shining through!

Patriotic Door with white star wreath and Liberty Bell doormat

Next up is  The Painted Apron. Thanks for stopping by!

White star wreath with bright blue accents

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white door with green trim and white star wreath with blue accents and Liberty Bell doormat
Star Wreath Pinterest graphic

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  1. I need your star wreath to go with my star lantern. I love when you can repurpose something abs make it new again. Thanks for joining the hop. Love the door mat too!

  2. I love the way it turned out! I would have never thought to use spray paint christmas garland for something like this. But it’s perfect! I also love how you painted the trim around your door. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Amy! I painted my door trim because I noticed a nice house in our neighborhood had their siding done like that… I’m glad you like it! (Did you see my post on that?)


  3. You clever girl–I love being able to reuse seasonal decor for more than one holiday! Your doormat is perfect! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. Hi Liberty,

    This turned out really cute like the added sparkle tge blue stars add.

    I hear you about faux evergreen. I get rashes and little hives from working with it so wear gloves.

    Have a great day!


  5. Liberty you door decor looks amazing. Who would of thought to spray paint the green to make it look like that. I love the star decor for all of our holidays. Changing up the decorations on the stars could fit almost all holidays. Great job!

    1. Yes, Terrie, I will be changing up the decoration on the star because sadly, the blue flowers faded in the sun…..! At least I got my pictures before that happened…


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