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Can You Paint a Bathroom Storage Cabinet?

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Why yes, yes you can paint a bathroom storage cabinet! Mine is a small one, and I am not using it in my bathroom. I think you’re going to like it!

I found this cabinet on the side of the road, not long after moving into our old farmhouse. It’s a cheap thing, thin, light wood, but real wood. It reminds me of an Ikea piece maybe from Ikea’s earlier days?

small bathroom storage cabinet

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I thought it would be perfect for this space when I walk in the door to my living room– and it was! It’s where I set things that I want to remember to take with me when I leave the house.

Do you think it looks like a bathroom storage cabinet? For awhile I wasn’t sure what to call it… but I think that’s what it really is.

Not long after getting it, I began to envision painting it a deep, turquoise blue to match a few other accents in my living room– including that little rug in front of the cabinet.

I painted this in the middle of winter– and thankfully our basement had a cleared out section where I could work. We keep most of the paint down there, and I have an old tub sink to wash the brushes. It was nice not having to traipse back and forth from the garage– which was also not heated and would have needed to be (using our kerosene heater).

pine storage cabinet

Start by washing your cabinet with TSP and rinsing it off with a damp rag.

Be sure to watch the video for more details!

Since I was using dark paint, I may not have needed to seal this piece, but I didn’t want to take any chances, and I already had this Shellac from a previous project. So I sprayed it on and sealed it really well. It turned the finish from matte to really shiny gloss. I probably didn’t need to sand it, but I did a little bit by hand– and was satisfied that it was really already smooth enough.

Zinsser Shellac

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint has a lot of paint recipes and they make new ones all the time. I had a picture in my mind of a deep turquoise peacock blue, and thought that Architect Blue best matched what I had in mind.

paint recipes

Black Dog Salvage paint cans

But when I followed the paint recipe– I quickly realized that it was more of a Country Blue and that definitely was not what I was going for.

blue paint

What you Need for this Project

So I mixed 1 part Keep it Teal with 1 part Blue Ridge, and got a lovely bright, deep turquoise blue. Black Dog does have a Peacock color recipe that uses 2 parts Keep it Teal with 1 part Blue Ridge, but that would have been more on the green side and I wanted more on the blue side.

blue and green paint

I wanted to try spray painting this time– and I’ve done it before— but when I couldn’t control the flow very well I didn’t want to waste a bunch of paint trying to get it right so I decided to brush it on instead. I’ll have to try spray painting again another time!

woman painting blue

In the video I show you all about how I blended in some of the Keep it Teal green color so that you can see some of it! I love how it turned out!!

This is a good shot of part of our basement! It did have some paneling on the walls, but the studs beneath the paneling were rotting and growing mold so we (my son and husband finished up this project) took it all out. One day we will tackle re-cementing the walls….

woman with blue painted cabinet

I took this next picture to show you the difference between the wet Showdog clear coat, and no finish coat at all. See how the color gets a little brighter and deeper with the clear coat? It is a satin finish, so it doest not stay shiny like that when it dries. The satin finish is absolutely perfect for what I like! It’s smooth as can be, not glossy, and not too matte either. You can barely tell in these pictures what I did with the green, because it blends in so well.

blue drawers

Let the first clear coat dry…

blue storage cabinet

Then add a second clear coat!

blue cabinet

painting a blue cabinet
small blue cabinet

I think painting my “bathroom storage cabinet” blue really makes it look like a better quality piece now. Not exactly “high-end,”– but then of course you do realize that anything high end would look terribly out of place at my house! hahaha!

blue marbled cabinet

This photo captures the green blending in with the blue. Any guesses as to how much this pretty blue storage cabinet would cost if you bought it from a store? I’m sure I have no idea!

styled blue cabinet

I staged it like this for the AFTER photo– and now I’ve keept it this way so that I don’t set anything ugly on it and junk it up. What are drawers and doors on shelves for if you don’t use them?!

doily and vase on cabinet

If you liked this project I hope you’ll pin it– and also check out the multitude of other things that I’ve painted using Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. Let me know if you decide to try it for yourself, too– I’d love to hear!

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beautiful blue cabinet
blue cabinet

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