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How to Crochet a Bunny Hat

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Lately I’ve crocheted a few fun hats. The first one was a Curler Hat. Partly I made it because I was cold. And partly I made it so I could not have to fix my hair, and just wear a hat. And partly I made it for fun, of course!

It was fun for people to think at first glance that I had curlers in my hair! Going to Walmart was the best! People were afraid to look at me! Until they realized it was a hat– and then I saw lots of big smiles. : )

Then I wanted to make another hat, and had the idea to make a Christmas tree hat. I found a free pattern, and then altered it a bit to make what I envisioned in my head. It turned out to be rather heavy– but very warm!

crochet Christmas tree hat with yellow star ontop

And then most recently I made a cute Bunny Hat! Kristin @ Fifth Sparrow No More suggested it to me so I set right to work! At this point, I’m not sure if I will keep making new hats or not. (I’ve actually been making a lot of these lately!)

I started with the same base as the Curler Hat, but in gray.

pieces to crochet bunny hat

Another crocheter tested out some ears and shared her quick directions with me– pretty easy and simple! I decided they needed some stability so I put some plastic canvas inside.

pink canvas

I decided that after I had already sewn the pink parts on, so I had to undo it a little bit… oh well!

plastic canvas in bunny ear

pink yarn

I sewed the ears to the hat– but they didn’t stick up like I wanted them to….

crochet ears and gray hat

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pink ears bunny hat

pink and gray yarn

So someone else suggested that I had a hanger wire to them– and that did the trick!

wire in gray hat

I bent the hanger in and through, and then cut off the extra. This is why you should never replace all of your wire hangers with plastic hangers– you never know when you will need a wire hanger for a random project!

pliers and yarn

Lastly, I added a white border around the edge of the hat to finish it off!

gray and white yarn

Can I tell you that the hardest part of this project– was taking the final Photo of the hat on my head?! Posing is just not one of my many talents. Not. at. all.

If you make a bunny hat– I’d love to see a picture! Tag me when you post it! Or email it to me….

Happy Easter!

bunny hat

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