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Butterfly Rustic Galvanized Sign Idea

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Today I’m back with another project from Christian Craft Paper!!

butterfly rustic sign

What a big sign they sent me!! Someone else had the great idea of how to use the back, so I’m using their idea. Watch the video for allll the details, including my FIRE experiment!

galvanized sign blank

I used some natural jute rope from the Dollar Tree that I purchased awhile back, a white bow from a different craft kit, and an applique butterfly that I accidentally found just before I put this all together.

rustic natural jute rope

When I removed the screw from the back, it left a hole. I wasn’t sure how to cover it up without making the sign look goofy, until…..

butterfly theme sign idea

I realized that I could just move the magnetic butterfly up to cover the hole! It’s perfect!

floral pink butterfly

[Remember you can always click the Gear icon in the bottom right corner to change the Playback Speed and watch this faster to save time!]

And now my rustic galvanized sign with butterflies is complete. I do hope you will Pin it because that helps other people find these ideas too. Thank you!

pink butterfly rustic sign with mod podge napkin from Christian Craft paper company
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pink Butterfly rusic galvanized sign idea

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