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Grilled Cheese Doughnuts

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I haven’t watched Shark Tank on TV for a long time.  But when I watched it, I saw some entrepreneurs who wanted money to open more restaurants that made grilled cheese sandwiches……using doughnuts. I love cheese, so I thought it would be worth trying.

Several years ago when we were in Orlando, Florida, I was thrilled to discover a Tom and Chee restaurant nearby.  I ordered their classic grilled cheese doughnut and it was amazingly delicious.  I can’t remember if I first tried making my own grilled cheese doughnuts before or after I tasted the one at their restaurant. If you want to try making your own, here is how to do it.

Grilled Cheese Donut, Before

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When I made these, I used these frosted doughnuts.  But I prefer glazed doughnuts.  It was a glazed doughnut that I had at Tom and Chee.  I also happened to have round slices of colby jack cheese on hand.  But square works just as well.   And I prefer sharp cheddar cheese to the colby jack.

Take the doughnut and slice it so that the top frosted part makes one half, and the bottom unfrosted part makes the other half.

Lightly butter the insides of the doughnut.  This will be the outside of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Lay one buttered side down in your hot skillet. Have you ever used mayonnaise instead of butter to make your grilled cheese? I want to try that sometime…

Then put on the cheese.

Then put the other half on top, just like making a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

Here they are with the one on the right turned over.

And here it is all finished!  I thought this one had too much frosting on it– which is why I prefer the glazed donut for this grilled cheese donut.

Grilled Cheese Donut, AFTER!

What do you think?  Would you try a grilled cheese doughnut?  Would you prefer to make your own, or order it from a restaurant like Tom and Chee?

Experiment with different types of cheeses and doughnuts until you get the combination that you like. If you happen to get stale doughnuts at your house because somebody is on a diet… this is one way to use them up.   Another way that I like to use up donuts that are getting old, is by making french toast with them.

Depending on your tastes or your mood, you might consider this a dessert rather than a meal. : )

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  1. Whaaaat? This sounds amazing, and YES, I would definitely eat this! The glazed donut version sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things! I’m featuring this post at TFT tomorrow!

  2. Oh my goodness. I’ve never seen these before, but now I’m drooling. Ha! My daughter would go nuts over them, too. Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  3. I have a friend who likes to melt cheese over Entenmann’s Sweet Rolls. She said, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” So I did. And it was really good! For that reason I’d definitely give these guys a try! PS I’ve used mayo to make grilled cheese before. It worked out really well, but I still prefer butter. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

  4. This is a very interesting sandwich. We have a Tom + Chee near us but I have yet had a chance to try it out. I think a basic glazed donut would be the best but not sure. You have made me wonder now if this would be good so I just may have to try out their restaurant this week. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  5. It’s a dessert and a meal and a snack. This is perfect ballpark food and I LOVE it. Please stop by and link this up to my Say Cheese! linky if you get a chance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen round slice Colby cheese, but the local baseball team serves something called a Glazer Burger. That’s a double bacon cheeseburger between two glazed donuts. Yup.
    French toast donuts sound safer but not as much fun.

  6. Oh, MY. I’d better not show these to my husband: he’d absolutely flip! We’re doing the January “get fit” resolution thing, but maybe for Super Bowl weekend…as a treat…for dieting and exercising hard…right? 😛 I’m with you on the glazed donuts, since I don’t like frosting. And I have tried mayo rather than butter: honestly, I don’t like one better than the other—they both work splendidly.

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