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Saturday Snippets #5

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Around twice a month on Saturdays I am quickly showing you several projects that I have tried.  Other people have already given the instructions, so I will link you over to theirs.

My goal is to share links to recipes and Pinterest ideas that I have tried, and then to let you know how it worked out for me when I tried it.  It might be a success, or it might be a flop.  Perhaps you would like to know if I have tried something in particular?  Let me know!  If I haven’t tried it yet, maybe I will, and then I can let you know how it went.

Cabinet Feet

I had seen this pin for adding feet to a cabinet to make builder grade cabinets look a little fancier:

The feet I bought were a little too long, so I tried to wait patiently until my husband cut them shorter….  Then I painted them to match the cabinets.

(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

I think it does make the bathroom look a little fancier, and adds a very nice touch.


Mini Crocheted Basket

I saw this pin for a Free Pattern to make a cute little crocheted basket.

I made the smaller size.  It doesn’t take very long to make.  As you can see, I used variegated yarn.  It is 100% cotton, the kind that you use to make dishcloths.

How to Clean the Pump on your Front Load Washing Machine


I had my first front load washing machine for four years, and didn’t know that I was supposed to be draining and cleaning out the pump every month.  If I had known, perhaps my machine would have smelled better!! I’m glad I saw this pin in time to use it on my second (and current) front load washer.

The post shows every detail of what to do so I won’t rehash it here. Just click on the link in the title above.

I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s edition of Saturday Snippets.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!






Thank you for Sharing!

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