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Evergreen Snowflake Wreath

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When I saw a video for making a snowflake wreath using miniature Christmas trees from the Dollar Tree, I thought it was a neat way to use faux evergreens.

Then I thought that I could just reuse branches that I have salvaged from old Christmas trees! So I tried it, and it worked!

For this project, I was so busy making it that I did not take any progress photos. If you need a winter wreath that doesn’t scream “Christmas,” this may be just what you are looking for!

I simply tied 6 branches together. Then I used pine cones to cover the middle where it was tied together. To cover the middle of the pine cones, I added some swirly ribbons. I also added a glitter Merry Christmas pick (which you could omit if you want this to be more of a winter wreath than a Christmas wreath).

Then I gave my version of a faux evergreen snowflake wreath away. This picture is of the recipient’s door.

wreath made in a snowflake pattern with faux evergreens

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