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Introducing my Store!

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Thank you for Sharing!

I have finally decided to post some of my crafty things here for sale! Some of the items are bigger and only for sale if you are local to me. Some things are easily shipped and I will be glad to do that! So do please take a look and see what you think… You can find everything at Handmade Items for Sale.

One of the reasons I decided to do this is simply because I cannot keep everything that I make!! I need room so that I can create more things and share them with you!

Christmas is not far away, and several of my items would make great Christmas gifts. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is also near, and I qualify for being everyone’s local small business, don’t I?!

I accept PayPal and can send you my info if you are interested in purchasing something. I can ship outside the U.S. only if you are willing to pay the extra shipping.

If you are interested in something that I do not have listed, but you saw that I made something and you want it, send me a message and let me know! It could be that I just haven’t listed it yet (and you will save me the trouble of listing it : ) ).

Please help me clear out my craft storage area so I can create more wonderful things! : )

Thank you for Sharing!

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