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Hand Crafted Rudolph Reindeer

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Christmas is fast approaching, and I feel the need to post Christmasy things!  Have you seen those reindeer made from logs and sticks?  Today I’m going to show you mine.  My Grampaw made it for me a long time ago.  If you can whittle a little, you could make one, too.

Every Christmas I open the box and these are the pieces that are there:


wooden pieces

I will show you the pieces a little closer.  Here is the head, from underneath where the electric cord sticks out:

wooden piece with red Christmas light bulb at one end
a small log with holes and 3 other pieces

Here is the body, the tail, and the two ears:

body and legs assembled of wooden deer

Here is the body with the 4 legs attached.  This Rudolph is sitting, not standing! : )

Here is the top of the head.  Four holes– two each for the ears and antlers.

top of wooden reindeer head showing holes for ears and antlers

And here is the top of him, all put together:

view from top of assembled wooden reindeer

Here is a side view:

side view of handmade wooden reindeer

And here is the other side:

wooden handmade reindeer

Another top view:

a view from the top of the wooden reindeer

And one more front view for you:


front view of assembled handmade wooden reindeer

Here is a close up of his head.  I’m really not sure what the eyes are, or how they are attached.  Some kind of glue was used, I guess.

closeup of head of rustic folk wooden reindeer

This is where he is sitting this season.  I took one picture in the daylight with Rudolph plugged in:

reindeer with red lightbulb nose lighted up

And I took another picture at night with him plugged in.  He does not have an on and off switch– he is just either plugged in or not.  He is an inside reindeer, not an outside reindeer.

rudolph reindeer with nose lit up

This is a gift I treasure, because it reminds me of my Grampaw.  I’m sure that if you make one, your family will treasure it also!

Before and after collage of handcrafted reindeer

Thank you for Sharing!

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  1. Ha, ha…he’s really cute. Reminds me of the many wood reindeer I sold in my shop during the 90’s. They were so fun to decorate and goofy at times, this one would have been a real hit!

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