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6 Month Century Farms Update

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While sometimes it seems that things are slowing down and we are not getting as much done as in the beginning, when I look back over the month I realize that we actually did get a lot done! Especially for being away for nearly 2 weeks!

Sadly, I wasn’t home when my new-to-me peonies bloomed, but my request for a picture resulted in this beautiful view.

peonies in front of yellow farmhouse

Watch the video to see the latest!

What we accomplished:

I threw 300 pounds of disgusting insulation out of the attic window and took it to the dump. We are planning to just use the attic as is, with a rustic ceiling!

ugly insulation

The attic fan was reinstalled, which was a necessity since we have no AC.

The cement wall was poured to correct the rotten beam on a short wall.

The piano room got a new level subfloor.

The porch got a portion of new cement so that rainwater will flow away from the house instead of towards the door.

My son’s room received the last coat of ceiling paint, and 1st coat on the stairwell.

We planted the garden and it grew. Someone gave us more tomatoes and bell peppers. Somebody else gave me a bunch of pavers that I’m using to keep weeds down and bunnies out.

We dug out a lot of plants for the rock wall project. A neighbor gave us a bunch of fieldstone for this project.

The house was pressure washed– no more green on the back! I pressure washed the porch area.

during pressure washing on green mold house
back of house all clean and washed

We have a new bilco door installed.

The kitchen received its flooring!


ugly kitchen subfloor


new kitchen vinyl

Lastly, here are a couple pictures from our trip to Sioux Falls park in South Dakota. I just love these pink rocks. I have a few of them! They quarry pink rock and use it on their roads and various places.

Sioux Falls park
waterfall at Sioux Falls

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