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Bissell Powerglide 2-in-1 Lift-Off Pet Plus Vacuum Review

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I am a member of Pinch Me.  It is a website where you sign up to get free samples, in exchange for giving feedback in the form of an honest review.  First, you sign up and complete several surveys about yourself.  This is so they know what kinds of samples you qualify for.  Then every month or maybe twice a month, you can pick out things like a shampoo sample, a lotion sample, a vitamin gummie sample– maybe a painkiller sample.

Pinch Me recently sent me a survey regarding a vacuum.  I filled it out, hoping that perhaps I would be chosen.  Sure enough, I qualified!!  I have a cat, and the vacuum is specifically marketed to pet owners.  I was thrilled to get and use this Bissell vacuum, in exchange for my honest review on several websites.

In case you are looking for a vacuum, I am sharing here the same review that I gave online, along with pictures and more details.


(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

The vacuum box arrived in my regular mail.  I was so excited to tell our mail lady that I had gotten it for free! You can see our cat coming to see what all the fuss is about.

Here are the pieces before I put it together.  It was easy to assemble.

Here is the review I gave online:

“I received a BISSELL® Powerglide® Lift-Off® Pet Plus 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

I have really enjoyed using this vacuum. I have never used a vacuum without a bag for the dirt.  It was neat to see how much dirt came out of my carpet the first time I used the vacuum!  This vacuum definitely has more suction power than my 9 year old vacuum (which is also a Bissell).  It is easy to empty the tank.  But when I took the sticker off, it left a residue (I haven’t used Goo-Gone on it yet).

I wasn’t used to the swivel feature. At first I did not like it, but later I realized that it made it really easy to vacuum under furniture.

I like that you can turn off the rotating brush if you want to, for smooth floors.

The Best Thing I like about this vacuum is that it is very easy to detach the portable part (the cord stays wrapped on the detachable part- good thinking!) and take it outside to vacuum my car out!!  It is so much easier than using our shop-vac!  And it has just as good of suction power as our shop-vac.  I look forward to cleaning my car out more often.

Even though the entire vacuum is heavier than my old vacuum, it is easier to push.  It seems to self adjust whether I am vacuuming my thinner or thicker carpets.

The vacuum got the cat hair off of our couch very easily, unlike my old vacuum.  I like the lint-roller attachment for the detachable hose.

I would recommend this vacuum to anyone looking for a new one!”

Here is a picture of the new vacuum next to my old vacuum.  While the new vacuum is a few pounds heavier, it is easier to roll than the old one because of a better wheel design. I like the new vacuum’s handle style– making it easier to carry the vacuum up and down steps when necessary.  It feels lighter than my old vacuum partly because of this handle style!

This picture shows how the portable tank detaches from the upright portion.

I was amazed at all of the dirt that came out of my small living room rug!!

Here is the dirt dumped out so that you can see all of it…

I hope you have enjoyed this product review of Bissell’s Pet Vacuum.  If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found at Walmart with free shipping.  I have been using my vacuum for several weeks now, and I still love it!


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  1. Nice machine! Bissell provides a line of pet oriented vacuums that cope really well with pet and long human hair. I have Bissel ProHeat 2X and am more than satisfied with my choice.

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