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Original Winter Painting

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There should probably be a “Show and Tell” category on this blog, because sometimes I just want to show you something, and not tell you how to do it! Most of my posts are all about how I did something, and how you can do it too if you want to.

So if you thought I was going to tell you about how I painted this painting… I’m sorry to disappoint you! I am going to tell you a story, though.

Look at the beautiful colors in this winter scene. The lavender and blue in the sky, the deep turquoise in the water.

winter scene

This painting was passed on to me about a year ago. I wanted to tell you about it right away, but as usual….. so many projects just keep poking up all around me! Finally, the time has come.

I grew up with this painting. It says “HOME” to me in a big way. I looked at it alot during my childhood and teen years. As I think back as to why I looked at it alot, there is a rather simple explanation. There were five kids, two parents, and one bathroom. And this painting hung on the wall outside the bathroom door! So I suppose I spent a good deal of time waiting for my turn, and naturally just inspected this serene winter scene while I was waiting.

It was painted by an old family friend when I was too small to remember them, really. But I knew the name. There are clumps of paint in the tufts of grass, in the snow, and in the trees. I was fascinated by the realness of the paint, that it wasn’t just a picture, that a person had spent lots of time creating this tranquil winter painting– and they had used so many colors! On the bank in the foreground are pinks, even!

framed Winter scene

The man who painted it, Ron Brady, also made the frame. I shined it up as best I could. And when I decorated for Christmas last year I thought the wooden evergreens looked nice. Then I left them there, and the painting, all year long. Just like a winter scene had hung up all year long at my childhood home, I wanted it to hang in my home all the time. Nobody has complained about it.

But now that I think of it, I think I hung it too high. I don’t have a lot of wall space, and this was the best place I could think of. But I think I want to put it down lower, where my children can see it more closely and revel in the wonder of all of those colors.

A snowy scene should be mostly white, shouldn’t it? But there is scarcely any pure white in this beautiful painting.

Winter painted scene

So several years ago I made a gift. Somebody took my gift and put it where this painting had always hung. It was about that time that this painting went into storage. I was so delighted when it was offered to me last year. And isn’t it sort of funny that in a roundabout way, the reason I have this winter painting now, is because of my gift?!

Do you have any treasures like this? I’d love to hear about one of them. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Show and Tell.

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…’

Isaiah 1:18

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