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Walmart Machine Washable Rug

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Do you have a machine washable rug? Do you want one? I had been wanting a machine washable area rug for awhile….

And then I signed up to be a #Walmartpartner. [That means that if you purchase something through my special link, I may get a commission!] And then, they sent me a gift card to use! Can you guess what I bought?…… I put my gift card toward this. A beautiful area rug. Here is my old rug.

old rug in living room with gray couch

You can’t really tell in the photo, but my old rug has a few stains on it. It’s around 10 years old. It’s plush, and I like it, but I was ready for something different! I had seen machine washable area rugs online, but two things kept me from purchasing one: the price and the color/style. The prices of most area rugs seem almost reasonable– until you add the recommended padding for underneath of it. And all of the rug companies I knew- Ruggable, Boutique Rugs, Tumble Living– all of their rugs are designed to go with the pad.


Does Walmart have machine washable area rugs?

But when I looked to see if Walmart had machine washable rugs— and they do!…. there was nothing about a pad for underneath. And it didn’t take me long at all to find the exact color and style I was looking for!! Here it is!

gray and white area rug in living room

I unfolded the rug and put it right over my old rug, using my old rug for the padding. I had ordered a 9×12, knowing it would fit over my 8×10.

area rug folded

The rug was lighter weight than I expected, but because it was so big and because I had furniture in the way, I did have to have my children help me spread it out.

unfolding a machine washable rug from Walmart

How Do you Wash a Large Machine Washable Rug?

Here’s a picture of the tag, to show you the washing and drying instructions. From what I read online, it might fit in my washing machine. (My rug is a 9 x 12.) But when I wash it I plan to take it to the laundry mat. It just seems like it will get cleaner in a huge machine, and I won’t risk breaking my fairly new one from the spinning of the rug.


What do you think of this pattern? Is it something you would choose? If not, they have lots of other choices. The reason I wanted a pattern like this is…..

washable rug in living room gray and white closeup

It goes with my ceiling! The swirly fleur de lis goes with the swirls in the carpet. And the gray and white is exactly what I had in my mind. A bonus that I didn’t realize?…… It’s really hard to see black dog hair on my new rug!!! I guess that’s part of the reason I didn’t like my old rug— the dog’s black hair was showing up on it far too well….

fleur de lis ceiling pattern

After I took these photos I put the cedar chest back and covered up the pretty pattern….

area rug from Walmart

I’ve had this rug for a month now, and it has held up to the dog and the kids so far. Would I buy another machine washable rug from Walmart? Yes, I surely would!

Can you Vacuum a Machine Washable Rug from Walmart?

If you think you might like an area rug like this, but you aren’t quite sure– then I suggest you order a small one first, like one for in the bathroom. Then you’ll know if you want to try a larger rug. The big that that I wondered was whether I could vacuum an area rug like I normally would vacuum. I was really careful—- and yes, you can! I’ve set my vacuum setting a little higher at first, in case the suction was too strong– but it was fine! I’ve put the setting back lower and haven’t had any problems with the suction being too strong for the rug. I’m really happy about that.

Let me know if you have any questions! Is there something surprising that you’ve bought from Walmart that most people don’t know they have?

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gray and white living room area machine washable rug

walmart washable rug

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