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Spray Painting a Metal Accent Table

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Someone was moving and downsizing, so they gave away this metal accent table, which was then passed on to me. I suppose that it may have been a plant stand.


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I put it in my bathroom, and I put a plant on it. It was convenient for the trash can to be underneath it. I had thought I would paint the table white, but after it stayed black for a very long while, I finally decided on lavender. I used what has become my favorite spray paint– Rustoleum’s Ultra Cover 2x Glossy Spray Paint in lavender. It only took a few minutes to spray it all over, and it dried quickly. I love color, and this accent color works great with my upstairs bathroom! I had to move the plant because of the cat, so then it became a good place for the tissue box.

On Mother’s Day I received this begonia from church. I set it in this wooden decorative box. I love all of the colors together! I love color so much more than neutrals. Neutral colors have been in style for awhile, and I’m glad to see hints this year that other colors are coming back around.



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