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Snowman Bathroom Decor

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Well, Christmas is over and how do you decorate after Christmas? Do you do like me and put everything away, except you leave the snowmen out a little longer? Leaving the snowmen out a little longer helps make a long winter not quite so long, in my opinion.

It also keeps you from having to put away so much Christmas stuff all at once!

I have a great place to decorate in my bathroom– and that is the top of my Hall Bench aka Sock Changing Station.

snowmen decor
snowman playing the piano

My daughter painted that snowman way back years ago in one of her first art classes at the local library. And the Hallmark snowman playing the piano is one of two that I found at a yard sale maybe 20 years ago….. It “plays” Christmas songs while the snowman moves around. It’s one of my favorite things to display.

snowmen with blue
snowman decor on a hall bench

The miniature “wall hanging” (what do you call that thing?!) was actually the instructions for a much larger one as big as a patio door that you can see here.

A few years ago I bought a snowman shower curtain for my bathroom. There are sooo many cute options!!

snowman shower curtain

Then of course I had to decorate my Laundry Pass-through by re-using my kitchen cupboard snowmen.

The toilet cover is for a regular sized toilet, and now we have the elongated kind so it doesn’t quite fit anymore.

You might be able to decorate a space saver over your toilet, if you have one. It doesn’t take much to add a festive touch. And remember– you can always start with a cute snowman shower curtain to help cure the winter blues…. A snowman shower curtain makes a huge impact with very little effort!

snowmen decor in a bathroom
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snowman bathroom decor ideas

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