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Crocheted Towel Holder

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I discovered a new crochet towel holder several months ago. Do you know the kind where a person crochets yarn directly onto a towel, so that you can attach the towel to an oven or drawer handle? (pictured below). Well, this new-to-me kind is different!

The style where the yarn is crocheted onto a towel is seen below:

This new one that I discovered is crocheted separately. Then you slip the towel through it. It consists of 3 rows worked in an oblong shape, and the first row is the chain. It doesn’t take much yarn, so this is a great way to use up leftover yarn scraps.

crochet towel holder holding a white towel that says "the secret ingredient is always cheese"

I have made a lot of these crochet towel holders for myself, for friends, and to sell at yard sales. The video below explains really well how to make one. You can make one all in one color, or use two colors.

After I gave them to my friends, their children discovered other uses for these towel holders.

They can also be used as beards!! : ) Brown towel holders work especially well for this. They can keep your face warm in cold weather….

Or they can be used as spa eye mask for a sleep aid– you know, a sleeping mask to keep the light out of your eyes so you can rest.

colorful towel holder worn over eyes as a sleep mask

This craft idea is short and simple. It’s also three ideas for the price of one! : )

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  1. Learning to crochet is on my “someday” list…I’ve even started a crochet Pinterest board. This looks like a great beginner project. Thanks for including the video! The towel holder is a great idea. My kitchen towels are always falling off the stove handles onto the floor. And I totally agree about that secret ingredient! It was fun crafting with you!

    1. Crocheting is very satisfying so I hope you do get to learn sometime, and yes, this might make a good beginner project. I’m in the process of designing some beginner projects in a variety of craft styles including crocheting…

  2. What a fun way to display cute towels! I love your alternative uses, too! It is a pleasure to join you for another hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Liberty, I learned to crochet in high school but have forgotten how. It would be fun to relearn it so I could make some pretty projects like yours.

    Great to be blog hopping with you 🙂


  4. LIberty, I never learned to crochet, although I do love to needlepoint. We do have a pair of Christmas crochet dishtowels. My hat is off to you for learning this skill and using it in different ways.

  5. I am so glad I caught your email last night and we included you today! I am glad to have you here sharing your handy crochet towel holders! These look like they are so easy to whip up in no time flat! Thanks for hopping with us!

  6. These are adorable, Liberty! I admire anyone who can crochet! My mil tried to teach me many, many years ago, but I just couldn’t pick it up! You are so creative and probably will never run out of ideas to crochet things!

  7. Liberty, first off those babies are adorable.

    I love the little crochet towel holders. This way you can use the towels without worrying messing them up. Just remove the towel and throw them in the wash. Love this idea.

  8. My mother in law made crochet hand towels. I had hoped to learn from her how to do them before she passed away. Maybe I’ll try to do your version in honor of her. Great job friend and so great crafting with you!

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