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How to Clean a Camper Ceiling AC Filter

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Have you ever thought about cleaning your camper ceiling AC filter? I happened to look up at our ceiling in the camper and realize how dirty the air conditioner was!! This is how I cleaned it.

Did you know that unlike a home filter which is disposable, a camper’s AC filter is simply able to be cleaned and reused?

Camper Ceiling AC Filter BEFORE cleaning

Dirty Camper AC filters

When I first tried to clean it, I think I was just wiping off the exterior part. When I looked closely, though, I realized that there was a lot of dust inside that I couldn’t reach. And I began to realize that it must come apart somehow.

I didn’t want to break it, so I poked around gently until I was able to figure it out. Now I can show you how I did it!

The outer cover snaps off…. work on it gently and carefully so that you don’t break the plastic tabs! If you watch the video below, you can see how the tabs fit in so you can take it apart.

Once you have the cover snapped off, there is an inner filter that comes off of the outer cover. It is on the right in the picture below. See how dirty it is?!!

two dirty part of camper AC filter

I was amazed at how dirty it was!! All you need to do to clean it, is run it under water (outside with a hose) and rub it gently with your fingers. Then let it dry completely before putting the camper ceiling AC filter back together.

dirty camper ceiling AC filter

Camper Ceiling AC Filter AFTER cleaning!

See how nice and clean the filter is now? I was so happy, knowing that we would be breathing clean air again!

two pieces of clean AC ceiling filter

Put the two pieces together, and then snap it back up into the camper’s ceiling AC unit.

two piece AC filter in Camper

Then enjoy looking up at your clean camper air conditioner!

How to Clean Ceiling AC in Camper

Then remember to repeat each spring. I hope this has been helpful to you!

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