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Here is an Easy Way to Make Cute Butter Shapes for Special Occasions

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Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to make cute butter shapes for special occasions? I saw such cute butter in the shape of a lamb around Easter time, but it was expensive!

The idea to make my own cute butter shapes came after I had already bought a silicone flower mold. I thought I would use it to make buttercream frosting flowers for a cake. (I have yet to do that….) Instead, I grabbed it when I decided to try making butter flowers.


melted butter for flower molds

To begin, melt some butter in the microwave. Use the “soften cream cheese” setting if you have it. Try not to melt the butter thoroughly, just enough so you can stir it and pour it. If you melt it too much, just refrigerate it a few minutes until it hardens back up.

Carefully pour the melted butter into the flower mold. Gently tap the whole tray on the table a few times, so that any trapped air bubbles escape. Then put it into the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

flower mold with butter

When you are about ready to serve your special meal, pop out the butter molds onto a pretty serving dish by pushing on the silicone tray.

silicone flower mold

Aren’t they so pretty?! And it hardly took any time at all.

flower butter pats

It’s just a small touch, but your guests will feel extra special. I have done this now for two occasions– Thanksgiving and Easter.


flower butter pats

If I was having a tea party that involved scones and butter, I would definitely be using these! See the flower butter on my mashed potatoes?!

flower butter pat on mashed potatoes

(Oh, and if you did want to try making your own butter lamb, here is a mold you might like to use.)

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