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How to DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Picks

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I don’t know if you would call these Christmas Tree picks, or a dried winter bouquet. There are many ways you could use them. You could stick them in your Christmas tree. You could put them in a vase, or stand them alone. I think I am going to put mine with a lamp.

I usually like to use a lot of color, which I did when I first created these. But then a friend said she would like white. I made some white ones for her, and then I made some white ones for me so that I could tie them with red ribbon.

winter bouquet

After daylilies are finished blooming and the stems dry out, save them!

Spray paint the stems white, then tie a red ribbon bow around them.

Put them in a vase or let them stand alone. Stick them into your large Christmas tree.

Or set them beside a tree or on a mantel.

You can change the ribbon color as your decor changes!

Isn’t it amazing what a little spray paint and ribbon can do?! I used my mini Bowdabra to make the bows.

Winter Bouquet, Before and After

before and after winter stems

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