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Flower Fun

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Today I want to share my flowers with you.  I love flowers. I have always admired houses with pretty flower beds. I’m not sure what came first– liking gardening or liking flowers.  It could be that I needed to like gardening in order to enjoy flowers!  Whether it has been rainy or sunny lately where you live, I hope that you enjoy this picture collection of flowers current and past.

Let’s start with this miniature yellow rose bush.  It was a gift to me, and lived in a pot for awhile before being transplanted to this spot right next to my front doorstep.  Here it is after a rain, with mature blooms.

miniature yellow rose bush
(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

This spring I had to prune it all the way to the ground.  I was afraid it might not come back.  How happy I am that it did!  It has not grown as tall yet, but here is the first bloom. The pink rock behind it is Sioux quartzite, from South Dakota. The pink rock is so common there that they pave the roads with it!

mini yellow rose bush with pink quartzite

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time– a close up of the first bloom with dew on it.

closeup of miniature yellow rose

I took the same picture and played with it on an App on my phone– and came up with this.  Isn’t it artistic?!

yellow rose altered with an app

This is a Japanese iris that was given to me this Spring.  It is smaller than other irises.

Japanese iris

Here is my giant yellow bearded iris.  These were already at our house when we bought it.  I divided them and now they grow in four different places.

Giant Yellow Iris
Large yellow irises

Here are my lavender irises under my front windows.  You can also see cilantro and dianthus (pinks).

lavender irises in a flower bed

I like the yellow and purple together!

Iris bouquet

This is my Baptisia in False Indigo (blue).  There is a yellow variety that exists– I may need to get one!

False Indigo (Baptisia)

This is “money plant” from a neighbor.

a "money plant"

This is columbine (winkly double red white– what a name!).

Columbine flower-- variety is "winkly double red white"

These are my johnny jump ups that came back from last year.  They have grown taller, and there are more now than when I took this picture.

johnny jump up flowers

This hosta was already at our house when we moved in.  It was soooo big!!!   I have since taken parts of it and put them in four other places.  I also dug up the whole crown and divided it into three smaller hostas and put them right back in the same place. You can see my peach rosebush to the right, before it grew so tall (you can see it down below).

large hosta plant

Here are some cosmos from a past year.

cosmos flower bouquet

Here are some reddish pink day lilies that were given to me.

pink day lilies

Here are some peach and mauve day lilies (by the basement door) also given to me.  I have sweet potato vines in the pots.

light pink day lilies

You may have seen this picture before, in the post where I tell how I repurposed a waterfall into a planter. There are alyssum, marigolds, and torenia.

repurposed waterfall into a planter

Here are my bluebells (muscari) from a past year.

muscari flowers (bluebells) also known as grape hyacinths

Here are my morning glories from last year.

morning glories

I grew them over a homemade wire arch over my vegetable garden entrance.

morning glory archway

This peach climbing rose (Lady of Shalott from David Austin Roses) is so beautiful!  These pictures are from a past year.  This rose seems to be struggling this year, and I’m not sure why.  I hope it rebounds in all of its glory.

climbing peach rose (Lady of Shalott)

I planted it under the deck on purpose, and trained it to grow along the railing.

Lady of Shalott from David Austin Roses
another view of peach climbing rose from David Austin Roses

Here are some of the blooms close up.  They have a delicious fruity smell- not the normal rose smell.

peach cut roses
peach rose bouquet

I also have a pink rose on the other corner of the deck.  It does not get as much sun because of our maple tree, so it has not grown very well in years past.  This year is looking promising!  Here is a bloom from a past year, at my kitchen sink.

single pink rose

These white flowers have a hint of pink and are called soapwort.  They are very hardy perennials that grew at the house I grew up in.  The seeds look like poppy seeds.

soapwort, a white flower with a hint of pink

Here is a past bouquet of my roses.  The red one did not come back this year.

bouquet of cut roses from my garden

Here is another bouquet of my roses, with purple pincushion flowers, also.

cut bouquet of flowers from my flower beds

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the colors of all of these beautiful flowers!  The work of gardening is so rewarding.  The flowers and plants remind me of how intricately detailed and amazing God’s creation is. He gave us a wonderful variety!

Thank you for Sharing!

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  1. Beautiful flowers! I love the irises. I do an herb garden. It isn’t as pretty, but I can cook with it. I will have to show you a picture.

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