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Easy Picket Fence Accent Shelves

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I have really enjoyed finding things to use my leftover pickets on, after we replaced our fence.

This was one of the first things that I did with them.  I had a low, open backed bookcase. I decided that it would look better with pickets nailed to the back of it.


fence pickets on the back of a bookshelf
(*This post may contain affiliate links.  By purchasing anything from these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  More information is available on my Disclosure page.)

If I remember correctly, I think my husband helped saw off the bottoms of the pickets, to be even with the bookcase shelves.

adding fence pickets to a bookcase outside

I decided to add a picket to each side, also.  This is such a fun little shelf! And it was so easy to create!

side view of fence pickets added to a bookshelf

Here is the back.  You can see where the fence rails were attached to the pickets, previously.

back of fence pickets on a shelf

This little bookcase fits perfectly in the space between the doorway to my kitchen on the left, and the basement stairs to the right.  It also ends up being a catch-all place for things needing to go to the basement, or from coming in the front door a short distance away.


fence pickets on a bookcase

Here it is with my basket of doilies on the middle shelf, and a new sign from Hobby Lobby hanging from a picket.

fence picket bookshelf styled

Does this make you want to go find some pickets to add to a bookcase? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your picket fence shelf is so cute, Liberty! What a great idea and so easy! I have pinned it! Thank you for sharing!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

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