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12 Crafty Ideas You’ve Never Thought of Before Now

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For the past few months I have been using an app called Jumprope to create videos of my crafty projects. The app also lets me easily convert the video into a blog post for you, and make pins for Pinterest. One thing I love is that if I find a mistake, I can easily go back and edit the video.

Another thing I enjoy is creating a Round Up of things in a category– like Pine Cone Trees, or Music Themed Projects.

So this post is a round up of 12 Crafty Ideas. In the future, you may see this post updated to include more ideas, or I may just start a new collection. Enjoy!

7 pictures of different craft projects

You will find links to these projects at the end of this post!

Cut an old chair in half to make this Half Chair Shelf.

Brighten your door for summer with this Sunflower Wreath.

Commemorate 2020 by crafting this Toilet Paper Tree.

Hide flaws and customize your bathroom with this Wallpapered Toilet Lid.

Try powdered Milk Paint to make this Dresser In Flow Blue.

Make a Canvas Pom Pom Letter… a project that people of all ages will enjoy!

Sentimental Dried Yellow Rose Pine Cone Tree… a great way to showcase memories.

Try this Fridge Magnet Scrabble Game for casual challenges throughout the day for passersby.

Hide your clutter with Curtains For Your Bookcases

Call it Unicorn colors or Lucky Charms… this Marshmallow Pine Cone Tree is a fun idea.

Upcycle your Thanksgiving pumpkins with this Unlikely Valentine’s Day Decoration.

Use paper plates to decorate your kitchen For The Holidays.

Half Chair Shelf

Sunflower Wreath

Toilet Paper Tree

Wallpapered Toilet Lid

Blue Milk Paint Dresser

Pom-Pom Letter

Dried Rose Pine Cone Tree

Fridge Scrabble Board

Curtains for Bookcases

Marshmallow Pine Cone Tree (coming soon!)

Unlikely Valentine’s Day Decor

Paper Plate Holiday Decor

4 different craft projects
shop my favorites graphic
white pumpkin with white paint being poured onto it

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