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How to Achieve a Cheerful Rain Boot Floral Arrangement

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I have been saving my old rain boots for way too long, because I wanted to make a rain boot floral arrangement! Finally, I did it– and it turned out amazing!!

The best part is that it didn’t cost me a single cent!

Here’s what I used:

  • old rain boot that had holes in it
  • faux flowers that someone gave me
  • wood dowels from old flags
  • pine cones
  • exterior Mod Podge that someone gave me
  • dried stems that I painted
  • rocks
supplies for rain boot arrangement

I like using rain boots when I garden. And now that my son plays soccer, I like wearing them to the soccer field on wet, dewy mornings. I loved this pair of rain boots. They were so pretty. So when they cracked in several places, I just couldn’t bear to throw them away.

I couldn’t get them clean. I guess the coating had worn off, and the dirt had decided to stay.

closeup of rainboot

I hoped that when I added exterior Mod Podge to them, that they would look new again. And they did!

mod podge painted onto rainboot

I didn’t want my rain boot flower arrangement to fall over, so I added rocks at the bottom.

rocks to be poured into rain boot

I drilled some holes into the bottoms of pine cones, the size of some flag pole sticks that I had saved.

pine cone with a hole drilled in the bottom

I decided to go ahead and hot glue the pine cones to the sticks. You wouldn’t really need to if your drill battery wasn’t dying and you could get the holes deep enough….. (and if your husband hadn’t taken your drill with him on his outing, and you were having to use your son’s drill that had a missing charger… you can see how this project almost didn’t have a starting chance!)

a pine cone on a stick

I used sticks of different lengths, and followed that rule of odd numbers– so I made 5 of them.

pine cones on sticks

Several years ago I had asked my husband to bring me some yellow spray paint home. He brought yellow spray paint all right– but it was from the Dollar General, and it was a gloss enamel finish that didn’t dry for 24 hours– and it was not the right yellow that I was envisioning for that project! So I put these stems aside…. and finally, they were perfect for this arrangement! I love using spray painted stems for projects.

You could stop right here for a minimalist /nature look.

yellow painted dried stems and pine cones in a rain boot

Next, I added yellow faux flowers, because if you’ve been around me very long, you know that minimalist is not usually what I go for….

faux yellow flowers, pine cones, dried stems in a rain boot

I finished my boot arrangement by adding orange faux flowers, and faux leaves. You can see my Cattail Wreath in the background.

rain boot floral arrangement

I love how it turned out, don’t you?!

floral arrangment in a rain boot

I’ve replaced my rainboots with some plain light blue ones, of a better quality I think… But don’t those pink floral boots look pretty?!

rainboot floral arrangement for fall

Let me know if you try this project!

Rain Boot with a floral arrangement in it

Thank you for Sharing!

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