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How to Make a Milk Paint Picture Frame

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I’ve been waiting to show you this milk paint picture frame for awhile! When I painted it, I knew which picture I wanted to use, and now we are finally at the right time of year for me to share it with you!

I was very excited when Jenn from Miss Mustard Seed sent me some milk paint. I have seen this paint used on furniture for a long time, but had never tried it myself.


Miss Mustard Seed brochure and paint

But before I painted a large piece of furniture, I decided to try it out on this frame, first. I am soooo glad that I did! It made me a lot more confident to paint the bigger piece.

blue picture frame

First, you have to mix the powder with water. This is very handy, because the powder has an indefinite amount of shelf life– and won’t ever dry out! Isn’t that great?!

milk paint powder

Below you can see me mixing the paint for the first time.

Jenn from Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint sent me some Flow Blue Milk Paint to try.

I wanted to test it on a picture frame before painting a large dresser. I mixed it with water according to the directions.

What the camera shows is not the same color I saw with my eyes!

Next step: Add hemp oil.

See?! It looked country blue in the container; after rubbing hemp oil on for the finish, it’s ok!

Dresser does not have hemp oil; picture frame does. See what a difference?!

Several months later, the hemp oil has dried and the blue has darkened a bit. I could add more hemp oil again to shine it up, but I like it this way.

I think it looks so nice with my print from Ms Toody Goo Shoes! I hope I can go visit my statue one day. 😄

I’m so happy with how this frame turned out. It’s the perfect frame for my print from Miss Toody Goo Shoes and I am really enjoying using it in my Patriotic decor this year!

Milk Paint Picture Frame, AFTER!

framed Statue of Liberty

I hope that I get a chance to take my own pictures of the Statue of Liberty one day. Are you curious as to why my name is Liberty? I hope to write a post on that soon. I will include it in my “Why” series. I have some other ideas for that series, too.

blue picture frame with Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty in a DIY painted frame

Thank you for Sharing!

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  1. Liberty, it looks great! It’s nice to see my picture looking so well dressed! I do hope you get to take your own photos of Lady Liberty soon! I’m sure she’ll be especially happy to see you! Happy 4th!
    Amy xoxo

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