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Honey Bee Decal

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Do you enjoy making things for other people? I do! One of the reasons I like making things for others is that it gives me practice so that I can learn to do new things, or to do old things better. I’ve had my Cricut Maker for less than a year, so I still have a lot to learn in that department. I decided to make this Honey Bee Car Window Decal for a beekeeper friend of mine.

The bee image is free as part of my $10 per month Cricut access subscription. I had to play with the image layers to get it exactly as I wanted it, since the layers had the wings as separate pieces. So I removed extra layers that I didn’t need, and using the slice and weld tools, attached the wings to the body all as one piece.

Honey Bee in Cricut Design Space screenshot

A car window decal sticker can be adhered to either the inside or the outside of a window. Mine is on the outside because my window has a very dark tint, and a decal would hardly be seen on the inside of my window.

Bee decal in back car window

Because of the dark gray of the car’s interior, it was a little hard to see the black bee. I put a piece of paper underneath to photograph it better.

Honey Bee Window Decal with Bee book in background

Then I came up with another idea to show off this honey bee better. I used white contact paper along with a yellow “I” and a yellow heart shape to say, “I heart bees” or in other words “I love bees.”

You could make this simple design with any bug or animal for an animal lover. (I made a shirt for my daughter that has the letter “I”, a heart shape, and then a horse to show that she loves horses.)

I heart Honey Bee decal with white heart underlaying the main design

I hope that this project has inspired your creativity!

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  1. Hi Liberty,
    You left a message on my blog several months ago and for some reason the comment only showed up today!! I wanted to reciprocate and stop by to visit you. You mentioned your love for Pinterest. I love it, too. And crafting. I have a very old Cricut that I use for scrapbooking but my sister, who also scraps, has a new model like yours. The decal you created is adorable. Had never thought of trying something like that with my machine. Not even sure it would be possible. Thanks for the inspiration.

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