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Mailbox Makeover

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Every spring I look forward to my giant yellow irises blooming. They really are huge– bigger than my hand!

a woman's hand next to a giant yellow iris
yellow irises along a sidewalk with a miniature garden flag, and a pink bench in the background

I also love to photograph these irises, trying to preserve their beauty. (I like photographing all flowers, really.) So I was photographing my yellow irises, when I took the following picture, and realized that the number on my mailbox was looking very sad. The number stickers were six years old and getting shabby– shabby enough to maybe spoil my picture! So I decided to do something about it right then and there.

Mailbox Before

picture of front yard with house in background and mailbox in foreground surrounded by yellow irises

I got to work peeling off the old numbers from both sides of my black plastic mailbox. I scrubbed and scrubbed, and got out my Goo Gone. It was very difficult to get those numbers off.

plain black plastic mailbox

More Cricut Vinyl Decal ideas…

mailbox with yellow irises

Then I looked around Cricut Design Space for some pretty numbers for my mailbox. After awhile I found some with a filigree flower design cut out of them. I chose bright yellow vinyl to go with my bright yellow irises.

yellow vinyl number 21 cut out with floral pattern in numbers

When I weeded out the floral pattern from the numbers, it came out mostly in one piece, and I realized that I could use that part for one of my sets of numbers! So I had zero waste for this Cricut vinyl project!

I also unscrewed the flag and spray painted it lavender. The flag had faded to lavender anyway, but was blotchy looking. I didn’t think a bright red flag would look good with my numbers, but maybe it wouldn’t have looked too out of place.

closer view of yellow mailbox numbers 21

So this is the flag side of the mailbox.

black mailbox with flag and yellow irises

And here is the other side of the mailbox.

Mailbox AFTER!

black mailbox with yellow numbers 21

I’m not sure which side I like best. Which numbers do you like better? The flag side or the no-flag side?

black mailbox with yellow numbers 21 on side
black mailbox with custom yellow numbers on it

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